Lots of hands on training offered in the basic cycling course. Security agencies will receive the same training as law enforcement officers.

We ask the hosting agency to supply a classroom for the training. We do the rest.

Officers must supply their own bikes for training and have them serviced before the first day of class.

Safety is our ultimate goal and providing the latest in traffic and local bike laws.


We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Is training available to officers outside of the hosting agency?

YES, Unless the hosting agency makes it a private class for their agency only.


Can I take the instructors course without PMBT basic cyclist certification?

NO, One must complete our basic police cyclist certification course first. One year of police cycling experience to follow basic course as well.


Our agency isn't that big, will you come to us and train?

YES, We have many options for all size departments. 


What if we have more officers than bikes for the training?

Unfortunately every officer must provide a good working mountain bike prior to the start of class.


Can non-commissioned officers take the basic course?

YES, Our lesson plan covers the basic essentials of cycling and its counter parts for all levels of patrol.


How do I know if there is available training for an individual to sign up for?

We will post the class on the training page if the hosting agency is willing to open up outside sign up


What can I expect after completing the basic police cycling course?

You will receive a certificate of completion and a PMBT T-shirt. Shirts are limited in some areas.

Training available for all public safety agencies, call us today and schedule in house training at affordable prices and timely service.

EMAIL: info@policemountainbiketraining.cominfo@policemountainbiketraining.com